Silpakorn University International College (SUIC)

Faculty Information

Silpakorn University International College, founded in 2003, aims to offer the effective international programs of study to create students who are well qualified for the high competitive labor market. At present, SUIC has offered four international programs as follows:

1. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Communication Design (Double Degree)
This program is established under the collaboration between Silpakorn University International College and Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD), Birmingham City University (BCU), one of the foremost centers of art, design and media education in the United Kingdom. The program is offered at Office of the President, Silpakorn University, Talingchan, Bangkok by SUIC and BIAD professionals and experts to enhance the skills in Multimedia including Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Animation and Moving Image.

2. Bachelor of Business Administration in Event and Leisure Marketing (Double Degree)
This program is established under the collaboration between Silpakorn University International College and ESC (École Supérieure de Commerce) Rennes School of Business that is the part of the “Grande École” network that are ranked as top management schools in France. This program aims to emphasize on knowledge development, analytical thinking and developing creative skills in implementation of marketing communication and presentation in order to produce graduates who are able to work and compete nationally and internationally.

3. Master of Business Administration in Hotel and Tourism Management (Double Degree)
This program, which combines advanced management skills with traditional know-how in hotel and tourism management, prepares students for specialized executive and managerial position in hotel and tourism companies. The graduates will also receive a double degree from Silpakorn University and Institut Vatel.

4. Master of Business Administration in International Business
This program aims to develop competencies with current management issues, whilst providing the appropriate implementation techniques for a fast paced career in global business management.


Bachelor’s Degree Program
- Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Communication Design)
- Bachelor of Business Administration (Event and Leisure Marketing)

Master’s Degree Programs
- Master of Business Administration (Hotel and Tourism Management)
- Master of Business Administration (International Business)

Doctoral Degree Programs
- Doctor of Philosophy (International Business)

Offering Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Programs
- B.F.A. (Digital Communication Design): International Program
- B.B.A. (Event and Leisure Marketing): International Program

Master’s Degree Programs
- M.B.A. (Hotel and Tourism Management): International Program
- M.B.A. (International Business) : International Program

Doctoral Degree Programs
- Ph.D. (International Business)




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